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One of the most unique aspects of Bethany Bay Resort Community is our location: nestled in the lush natural wonderland of the Indian River Bay near Delaware’s pristine beach resorts.

While your Bethany Bay home serves as your quiet nest at the beach and bay, the 200 acres of protected wetlands that surround Bethany Bay Resort Community serve as a sanctuary for the birds, fish and other wildlife that populate this area. We’re as proud of this beautiful habitat as we are of our homes, and we’d like to share some of it with you.

Bethany Bay’s prime waterfront location offers spectacular views no matter the time of day. The sun rises over the ocean and bay each morning, signaling the new day to each heron, gull, fish and human that inhabits this lush natural area, and each evening the western bay reflects the colors of the sunset.

On the nearby Atlantic shores, humans are never the only life. And it’s not uncommon for the non-human beach-goers to be just as friendly as the humans.

Bethany Bay’s ponds and the surrounding coastal waterways are a vital homeland and way station for numerous species of waterfowl, including ducks, geese and several varieties of herons and egrets. Whether it’s a family of ducks swimming past your kitchen window or a majestic Great Blue Heron flying past your front door, opportunities abound for nature-watching or simply sitting back to enjoy the peaceful surroundings at Bethany Bay.

These areas not only provide an excellent opportunity for the nature-lover, they also allow you to actively enjoy the bounty of the local waterways. Whether you’re an avid fisherman, crabber, boater or just enjoy beautiful natural surroundings, there’s a place here for you to experience the joys of coastal life.

Here at Bethany Bay, we pride ourselves on our neighborhoods and our neighbors, both the human and non-human varieties. With that in mind, we’d all like to welcome you to escape to our home and yours….